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Data is powerful in a pandemic.

Making sense of information is critical when responding to a pandemic or outbreak. Intelligence and insight from connected data can save lives.

ContagINT finds obvious and non-obvious relationships by connecting and merging multiple data sources including;

• interview details • location data • national databases • commercial data sources •

ContagINT has the power to connect and analyse data, generate vulnerability assessments, map movement and spread vectors and tracking and tracing investigations.


Add Data.

ContagINT is designed to combine and process all connected data. The federated dataset is fast to access with many connected devices, and the once seemingly incompatible data – is now merged and available to be searched and analysed. Whether structured or unstructured, a national database, flight information, ping data, medical information, investigation records etc; ContagINT will merge it and find insight.

Gain Insight.

ContagINT makes use of expansive volumes of data with advanced analysis and visualisation tools to make sense of all that information overload.

ContagINT resolves relationships, quickly finding the linkages between people, groups, organisations or places and with location and time information from sources such as, tracking apps, financial information and phone tower data; further analysis into group clusters, proximity hotspots and risk assessments can be made.

ContagINT visualises the links and locations between people, displaying the disease movement between people and locations – mapping out spread, showing clusters and movement through the population.


Find Relationships.

ContagINT processes geospatial and temporal data from various datasets including:

• tracking applications • cell phone location data • financial data • meta data •

ContagINT displays accurate geolocation visualisation and cluster mapping, showing insight to spread path.

ContagINT shows the true nature of spread - create new insights, find new (non-obvious) relationships and links, identify at risk individuals and groups, and determining hotspots, proximity clusters and risk factors.


Privacy First

ContagINT addresses many of the privacy concerns of using data containing personal identifying information.

ContagINT contains vulnerability assessment tools; where factors, such as case details, health history, socio-economic status and age are used to make assessments of risk to individuals.

ContagINT does not require stored data to be revealed for comprehensive analysis, where it can be further protected with anonymization, encryption, and permissions to ensure the data is managed and only seen when needed.


Respond Faster.

ContagINT is designed to support your organisations investigation and resource planning - showing the true nature of the spread as it moves through the population. ContagINT is designed to assess risk, where analysis makes light load of complex tasks when tracing and planning a response.

ContagINT can produce the risk scored contact lists, assessing proximity and health of contacts to ensuring the risk of spread is reduced in the most efficient way and care of the vulnerable is prioritised. ContagINT can be used by leadership to make informed decisions for the deployment of resources and changing of restrictions, offering comprehensive reporting across all connected data.

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